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Amenouzume is the oldest dancing goddess that appears in Japanese mythology.
Amenouzume charmed Amaterasu Omikami, who was hiding in a rock, with her dance.
There is a myth that it brought back the brightness of the sun to Japan.

We named it AMENOUZUME® with the idea of ​​“brilliance that captivates people.”
Dancers wear AMENOUZUME®︎, giving off a beautiful glow.
We aim to be a brand that lights up Japan and the world.

Beautiful body lines and graceful movements are important in ballroom dancing.
AMENOUZUME®︎ combines high quality materials and sophisticated design.
A well-balanced combination of movement and elegance.
Stretchy and breathable fabric that does not restrict body movement,
Emphasis is placed on features that help improve performance, such as cuts for ease of movement.
At the same time, pursuing a sophisticated and stylish design,
This work was created with a focus on delicate and impressive expressions and detailed textures.
It will give dancers dignity and grace, allowing them to dance with confidence.

Our dancewear is more than just a consumable item.
For everyone who loves dance, created using Japan's wonderful technology.
We want you to use our one-of-a-kind dancewear for a long time.
With a strong will, I launched a brand and developed products.
As AMENOUZUME®︎ grows, people interact through ballroom dancing,
We believe that building deep connections is most important than anything else.

Sponsored by Ishimizu Dance Studio Kazuaki Ishimizu